Charli, Mummy to Lola, 9 months

After struggling with our daughters sleeping for a few months, we realised as a family we needed some guidance. I felt completely lost, worn out and frazzled. I didn’t realise how much could change in such a short space of time! 
Lola wasn’t sleeping through (and hadn’t once at 10 months old) so I wasn’t hoping for much initially. 
Lizzie asked what our end goal was, which was Lola going down awake without needing to be cuddled to sleep, sleeping through and waking around the same time every day… within a week she was sleeping through, within 2 she was waking up consistently around 6.30/7, and within 3 she was going down sleepy after milk and a story! And now she just goes down after a little cuddle…! 
To say Lizzie has changed our lives as a family is an understatement! I feel like a new Mumma now. Lola is so happy after a full nights sleep. And we are all just so much better off for having had Lizzie in our lives for the last month! 
If you’re looking for help, this lady is 100% your woman! She’s been an absorbent godsend and I can not recommend her enough! 
Thank you again Lizzie. You’re amazing xx


Nicole & Tom, Finlay 2.5 years

Lizzie is our absolute sleep saviour. After nearly 3 years of our little boy not sleeping, we were desperate to support him to better sleep, in a gentle way.
Lizzie was amazing from the start – the way she interacted with Finlay and included him in the consultation and throughout the whole process was everything we hoped for. Lizzie has gone above and beyond to support us and we couldn’t be more grateful. She is always on hand to answer our questions and always explains things so well. We have seen huge results in the time we have worked with her and always feel so upbeat after talking to her / working on next steps. Our little boy is so much more content as a result of getting more sleep and I feel like I am more the mummy I’ve wanted to be for so long, since getting a more rested night.

Jo, Mummy to Em & Oliver, 6 & 3

I needed some expert help with transitioning my toddler from a cot in our room into his own room and getting my infant school age daughter into a good bedtime routine. Lizzie gave me some really good advice and written practical steps to follow. Her ethos was very much the same as my thoughts towards children’s needs at sleep time and so I loved her approach. My son adapted to the move into his own room really well and now sleeps in there every night, and although the battles still happen with my daughter they aren’t as frequent! Thanks Lizzie!