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I am here to help your family all get the healthy sleep you need.

I am a certified and experienced Gentle, Holistic Sleep Consultant here to support you and your family to find a no-tears attachment based solution to your sleep problems for babies, toddlers and Children up to age 6.

If you are struggling with your baby or child’s sleep then you have come to the right place.
I have been where you have been and I truly know how hard it is to try and function on little or no sleep. You can read more about my own sleep journey below:

My Sleepy Journey

I totally understand all the complex feelings you can battle with around sleep, as I know how hard it is when things go beyond the normative expectations of ‘night waking’, it can be really tough.

When all the advice given to you entails a cry it out or controlled crying approach, which goes against your natural parenting instincts. You hope to find that right balance between normal infant and child expectations, close attachment parenting and healthy sleep. I can help you find a no-cry gentle solution.

This is why I am so passionate about the gentle, holistic sleep coaching methods and why I have trained to a highly accredited level in sleep behaviour, sleep science and holistic strategies. This is why I am a certified member of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program.

As I strongly believe there is another gentler way to improve sleep for your family.

I have over 25 years’ experience in early childhood education; with a BA Hons in Early Childhood, specialising in attachment based parenting and trained to a Level 4 & 5 OCN in holistic sleep philosophies from birth to 6 years. I am also Mummy  to my own previous non-sleeper so I can relate, empathise and counsel you through this difficult time. 

I am confident that together we will find a no-tears soothing sleep time solution to your families sleep trouble. Using holistic methods that take into a account a picture of the whole child; including any behaviour problems, nutritional needs and individual parenting styles to ensure the whole family gets the valuable sleep they need. 

Please Contact Me today to start your healthy journey towards improved sleep. I have a range of Packages and Support to suit every need and we can always work together to find a bespoke package if needed to ensure you get the individualized service you deserve. 

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‘Our little ones don’t need to be trained to sleep, they need to be parented to sleep.’
Natural Parenting

I will work with you and your family as a whole to look at suitable approaches to help you and your little ones get a peaceful and content night’s sleep and create an individual sleep plan that is easy to follow and with daily support and coaching from me, you will be able to get better sleep and thus better mental health and well-being as a family.

This sleep plan will meet the needs of your family as individuals, within the gentle holistic sleep philosophy through a tailored made plan and it really works!

Mummy & Sleeping Toddler
Me & My Little Sleeper