My Story……

Since having my much longed for daughter 5 years ago and suddenly thrust into the beautiful and frenzied world of motherhood; which after the first few months of sleeplessness turned into 2.5 years of sleeplessness! I feel a great connection with those families out there suffering with sleep troubles.

My baby never slept, she didn’t sleep in the day for longer than twenty minutes and didn’t sleep at night for longer than 40 mins for the first 8 months and then after that, I would only get 1 -2 hours at a time for the next year and a half!

I tried all the methods, I read all the books and although personally averse to cry it out methods after a particularly rough time I tried that too, but it was completely unbearable for all of us and didn’t work anyway.

After a while and whilst managing to condition my mind and body to survive on little sleep; I was able to actually read and retain a book again!

I began to research gentle holistic sleep theories and philosophies.  I used my knowledge of early childhood brain development and attachment I was able to develop some gentle sleep methods which worked really well for my daughter and we finally all got some much-needed and most welcomed sleep! 

I have since then trained in Babyem gentle sleep training solutions level 4 OCN and then I went onto complete my OCN Level 5 Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, the highest level for gentle sleep coaching and I am certified on the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program Register. I began helping other families with their sleep troubles in children ranging from birth to 6 yrs and never looked back!

I feel like this experience gives me a real insight into the needs of families and children who maybe struggling with similar issues like we had. I use a gentle holistic sleep method based on philosophical approaches to healthy baby sleep that stems from child and family centred attachment theories; linked to brain development.

I will work with you and your family as a whole to look at suitable approaches to help you and your little ones get a peaceful and content night’s sleep and create an individual sleep plan that is easy to follow and with daily support and coaching from me, you will be able to get better sleep and thus better mental health and well-being as a family.

This  plan will meet the needs of your family as individuals, within the gentle holistic sleep philosophy through a tailored made plan and it works!