Do you want expert Early Years Consultant and Parenting Advisory Services. Do you need support with your EYFS setting? You can improve quality, gain an outstanding Ofsted or upgrade your learning environments with a forest school approach. Are you a parent with baby/child sleep or behaviour problems, my holistic parenting services can help you to get a better night’s sleep or improve child behaviour using attachment based strategies.

What is Little Explorers Education Consultancy and Parenting Advisory Service ?

Early Years Consultancy and Parenting Advisory Service. 

Little Explorers Education provides a space where like-minded EYFS educators and parents can receive an individualised consultancy service, seek advice, read a blog, source some resources, support and early years training. I specialise in EYFS consultancy to improve the quality of early years services, enhance learning environments and inspire and train early years professionals and offer guidance and support for parents, with a focus on early years pedagogy using nature and the forest school approach.

‘Play is the highest form of research’- Albert Einstein

With current declines in children’s mental health and well-being, an increase in child obesity, exposure to pollutants in the air and much younger children entering schools and nurseries every day; we need to ensure that our little ones are able to fully experience a wonderous free and natural childhood that allows them space to grow, develop and to become the confident, capable and content people of the future with strong well-being and security. I aim to provide a learning environment which will foster your curiosity and creative development and thus in turn have a positive impact on the children we teach, nurture and parent.

Little Explorers Education for Parents

Parenting guidance, resources and advice. A platform of information and resources to provide parenting support in a number of areas including sleep trouble in children, child behaviour problems, the benefits of outdoor learning environments, early home learning and child development support.

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Little Explorers Education for Educators

Support, resources and consultancy for early years educators and settings, supporting nurseries, pre-schools, childminders and schools to deliver high quality EYFS practice. Combining the best early education advice, research and pedagogy to enhance quality with a focus on nature in nurture and outdoor learning.

Guidance for preparing for your Ofsted inspections, EYFS training and support for those starting out and for those more established. Providing best practice solutions in training and continued professional development in a range of areas under the Early Years Foundation Stage.